We are proud to be the leading technical rubber processor in Vietnam

About us

Production Trading Company Limited

THANH DANH CO., LTD. was established in 1996, and after 28 years of establishment and development, it has become a reputable brand producing rubber seal for Construction and Automobile industry. With featured products such as rubber car and truck door seal, automobile windshield seal, rubber seal for aluminum and PVC door, rubber spare parts, technical plastic products…


Glass door rubber seals come in a variety of designs and are weather resistant.

Ron installs door frames for cars – trucks, containers, and freezers with superior quality, durable for thousands of miles.

Technical rubber has absolute precision, meeting the manufacturer’s standards.

Zinc-coated rubber gasket protects electrical cabinets – fire protection, increases bearing capacity and heat resistance.

Silicone sealing gaskets for boilers, sterilizers, seawater transmission pipes, etc. meet Rohs standards.